Cold Appetizer

Assorted bruschetta (with tomatoes, salmon, radicchio, prosciutto, mozzarella and truffle oil)  240 gram 490 rub
Assorted pickled olives  130 gram 450 rub
Shrimp served in Cocktail sauce  170 gram 690 rub
Marinated salmon  125 gram 490 rub
Beef corpaccio  190 gram 790 rub
Salmon corpaccio  180 gram 680 rub
Beef tartare  175 gram 680 rub
Tuna tartar with avocado 230 gram 690 rub
Cheese plate  235/20 gram 1100 rub
Italian meat charcuterie  200 gram 890 rub
Assorted fish snacks (Salted salmon, fish corpaccio, shrimps cocktail salad)  
450 gram
1600 rub


“Caprese”  260 gram 550 rub
Caesar salad with chicken breast  220 gram 550 rub
Caesar salad with tiger prawns  250 gram 890 rub
Delicate Salmon salad with shrimps and melon  300 gram 690 rub
Avocado salad with shrimps, celery and edam cheese  250 gram 550 rub
Salad “Capricciosa” with beef, lettuce, red onion and mustard sause  250 gram 680 rub
Arugula with tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese   355 gram 850 rub
Greek salad  345 gram 490 rub
“Mista” salad with fresh vegetables, lettuce and olive oil  180 gram 460 rub
“Salad with beef tongue  300 gram 650 rub

Hot Appetizer

Mushroom Julienne  125 gram 340 rub
Aubergine with parmesan cheese  245 gram 490 rub
Mussels "Gratin" , baked in creamy wine sauce  150/50  gram
560 rub
Warm rabbit salad with fried vegetables  240 gram 690 rub
Seafood salad  270 gram 890 rub
Octopus salad  270 gram 950 rub
Baked vegetable tower with smoked scamorza cheese  175 gram 490 rub
Fried cheese "Suluguni" with raspberry sauce 170/40 gram 570 rub


Minestrone  350 gram 330 rub
Chicken soup   330 gram 390 rub
Mushroom soup (with orange-cap boletus and white mushrooms)   360 gram 450 rub
Seafood soup «Marinara»  350 gram 700 rub
Mushroom cream soup   300 gram 400 rub
Pumpkin soup with a touch of mint   330 gram 360 rub
«Ortolana» soup with courgette, onion, leek, and fried bacon   300 gram 450 rub

Pasta and Risotto

Spaghetti “Matrosa” with tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, and arugula in a white wine and olive oil sauce  365 gram 690 rub
Spaghetti “Carbonara”  320 gram 490 rub
Spaghetti “Sea scent” with seafood in tomato sauce. Served in foil  500 gram 950 rub
Spaghetti “Tarantina” with mussels, cherry tomatoes and white wine  400 gram 690 rub
Penne “4 cheese”  320 gram 550 rub
«Sicilian» penne with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese and auburgine  330 gram 450 rub
Penne “Salmone” with salmon in a creamy tomato sauce  340 gram 670 rub
Penne with white mushrooms and ham in a creamy sauce  360 gram 670 rub
Lasagna with ragu  300 грамм (peso) 610 rub
Farfalle “Sea breeze” in a creamy cognac sauce with asparagus and salmon  350 gram 590 rub
“Green Meadows” Fusilli with prawns in a creamy spinach sauce  345 gram 680 rub
Fettuccine “Bolognese”  320 gram 550 rub
Fettuccine with white mushrooms and basil in white wine and olive oil sauce  320 gram 820 rub
“Sea Mountain” Fettuccine with prawns and ham served with creamy mushroom sauce  375 gram 690 rub
Fettuccine “O Sole Mio” with stewed rabbit in a creamy saffron sauce  350 gram 750 rub
The Flavours of Sicily» ravioli with ricotta and vegetables in a «cherry» sauce  280 gram 490 rub
Beef ravioloni in cream sauce with cherry tomatoes 260 gram 690 rub
Ravioli with ricotta, spinach and shrimps in a creamy sauce  240 gram 490 rub
Gnocchi “Evelina” in a creamy sauce with leek. Served in a cheese basket  
290 gram
490 rub
Gnocchi “Bella Napoli” in tomato sauce with mozzarella and basil  300 gram 470 rub
Risotto with wild mushrooms  380 gram 550 rub
Risotto with seafood  410 gram 950 rub
Choosing home-made fettuccine instead of any pasta 100 rub

Fish Dishes

Salmon steak served with pomegranate sauce 200/100 gram 850 rub
Norwegian style salmon fillet with steamed vegetables in a creamy spinach sauce 410 gram 950 rub
King crab with caviar sauce (per 100 grams) 100 gram 495 rub
Dorado, baked in foil with cherry tomatoes, Italian spices and olive oil  
300/100 gram
1300 rub
Dorado fillet gently panned in a cream and parmesan cheese with vegetables 220/130 gram 1300 rub
Sea bass fillet baked with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Served with potatoes 120/140 gram 1300 rub
Sea Bass or Dorado baked in salt (per 100 grams) 100 gram 500 rub
Fillet of catfish with spinach and hollandaise sauce  300 gram
790 rub
Squid "Luciana", stewed in tomato sauce in Sicilian 300/40 gram 750 rub
Tuna steak "Teriyaki" with salad mix 890 rub
Assorted seafood and grilled fish (octopus, squid, tuna, salmon) Dish for 2 persons 640 gram 3300 rub

Meat Dishes

Grilled chicken breast 170/60 gram 510 rub
Deep fried chicken breast, stuffed with ham and cheese 280\240 gram 740 rub
Chicken polpetta with mashed potatoes and garlic sauce 160/160/60 gram 550 rub
Crispy pork chop with fried potatoes 140/260 gram 740 rub
Beef medallions in a creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes 130\310 gram 930 rub
Beef Tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes 230\90 gram 1190 rub
Chopped beefsteak with potatoes and barbecue sauce 180/200 gram 670 rub
Beef tenderloin in pepper sauce 120/130 gram 950 rub
Assorted grilled meat ( pork, beef, chicken) 210/70 gram 850 rub

Grill Dishes

Fish and seafood

Octopus 100 gram 750 rub
Shrimps 100 gram 650 rub
Squids 100 gram 450 rub
Sea bass or bream (100 gr.) 100 gram 450 rub


Rack of lamb 230 gram 1250 rub
Ribeye steak 230\60 gram 1390 rub
Beef Fillet 220 gram 950 rub


Green mixed salad  160 gram 290 rub
Boiled rice  200 gram 220 rub
Vegetables “Grill”  215 gram 390 rub
Spinach in butter  210 gram 350 rub
Asparagus baked with Parmesan cheese  130 gram 450 rub
Mashed potato   200 gram 270 rub
Potatoes baked in foil   200 gram 270 rub
French fries  200 gram 270 rub
Potatoes fried with mushrooms  200 gram 490 rub
Broccoli boiled 200 gram 400 rub


Focaccia 140 gram 120 rub
Margherita ( Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil)320 gram 310 rub
With ham and mushrooms ( Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms) 
400 gram
450 rub
"Calzone ripieno" (Pizza stuffed with ham, mushrooms, mozzarella) 320 gram 390 rub
Spicy salami (Pelata sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami) 355 gram 500 rub
"Four Cheese" ( Tomato sauce , mozzarella, Edam, Parmesan, Gorgonzola) 
375 gram
490 rub
Spicy pizza "Jalapeno" (pilatti sauce, mushrooms, salsichcha spicy, mozzarella, sour cream, egg, jalapeno, sesame) 370 gram 550 rub
With Parma ham ( Tomato sauce , mozzarella, Parma ham) 335 gram 590 rub
"Capricciosa" ( Tomato sauce , fresh mushrooms, mozzarella, ham, olives, artichokes) 410 gram 490 rub
With tuna ( Tomato sauce , mozzarella, tuna canned)   365 gram 590 rub
"Four Seasons" ( Tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, pepper, ham, salami Milano) 410 gram 580 rub
"Bavarese" (sour cream sauce, bacon, mozzarella, onion, dill) 370 gram 490 rub
"Ortolana" (Tomato sauce, vegetables, arugula, artichokes, mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella) 420 gram 750 rub
"Vegetarian Calzone" (closed pizza; sauce Pilate, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella480 gram 500 rub
"Campagnola" ( Tomato sauce , fresh tomatoes, oregano, basil, mozzarella Fior di latte) 355 gram 420 rub
Pizza "Montenegro" (sour cream, cream, Parma and boiled ham, Gorgonzola,mozzarella, sesame) 370 gram 650 rub
"Norma" ( Tomato sauce, eggplant, boiled egg, basil, mozzarella and pecorino) 530 gram 520 rub
«Seafoods» (sauce Pilate, seafood cocktail, mozzarella) 370 gram 650 rub
"Truffaldino" ( shrimps in cocktail sauce, salmon roe, salted salmon, mozzarella) 395 gram 950 rub
"Caesar" (Caesar sauce, chicken, mozzarella, lettuce, parmesan) 450 gram 490 rub
Pizza with pear and pineapple in cream cheese sauce with Gorgonzola 400 gram 550 rub


Semifreddo with caramelized almonds 90 gram 360 rub
Hot chocolate flan with a scoop of ice cream 85/50 gram 360 rub
Cheesecake  130 gram 360 rub
Apple strudel with a scoop of ice cream 150/50 gram 360 rub
Creme Brulee  130 gram 360 rub
Panna cotta with raspberry sauce  110/40 gram 360 rub
Homemade tiramisu  90 gram 360 rub
Profiteroles in chocolate mousse 40 gram 160 rub
Strawberry "Truffaldino" stewed in brandy, served with whipped cream and ice cream 200 gram 460 rub
Fresh strawberries with whipped cream 130 gram 360 rub
Ice cream (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Dream, Pistachio, Caramel) 50 gram 110 rub
Sorbet (Black Currant, Mango, lemon) 
50 gram
110 rub